TA for FES 524

Ganio, Lisa
Course Description: 

FES 524: Natural Resources Data Analysis (4)

A 0.30 FTE GRA position is available for Winter 2018 to teach the computer section of FES 524 (Natural Resources Data Analysis).  The materials are already created and the TA would be responsible for testing the materials ahead of lab time and teaching 2 lab periods (TH 2-4 pm and Fr 8-10 am).  TA may need to attend lecture if topics are unfamiliar to them (T/TH 10-11:20).  

 If you're interested in applying for this position, please contact Dr. Lisa Ganio.

FES 524 TA skills :

  1. Working knowledge of basic statistics and linear regression (ST 511/512).    Should be able to interpret linear model output “into the real world”.
  2. Should be comfortable with the formula coding of linear models used in R and have some familiarity with components of model objects and interpretation of R output. 
  3. Some exposure to mixed linear models.  Previous work with linear models for non-normally distributed responses and mixed models in R a plus. 
  4. Good communication and teaching skills.
  5. General proficiency in R and RStudio (notes below), beyond the level taught in ST 511/512. 

R skills:  Candidate should be able to read text files into R, create, subset, sort and amend and manipulate data frame objects.  Candidate should have basic plotting skills (qplot(), ggplot2 package).  The candidate will be teaching these, and other skills in R so if they don’t know how to do them, it will take additional time for the candidate to learn how to do them.   While the candidate doesn’t need to be an advanced user, they DO need to be comfortable learning how to become proficient in these skills.  Some experience with writing scripts in R would be helpful.

RStudio proficiency:  The candidate should have used RStudio and know the basic RStudio set-up (e.g., the 4 panes, generally what happens in each pane, especially the Console and Source panes)

Forest Ecosystems & Society
Varies by degree type (MF/MS vs. PhD).